JapanEd Photos

Between 1960 and 1970, Paul Knight lived and travelled around Japan and in the course of his travels took many photos. These photos provide a unique glimpse into some parts of the country that were not commonly visited at that time and into the ways of life that existed there.

Today, these pictures are in demand as the modernisation of the country has left past ways of life as well as geographical areas irrevocably changed.

Many of these photos have been printed and mounted with the assistance of the Japanese Embassy in New Zealand, and have been touring New Zealand during 2005.

The photo "Old Women 2" on the Wajima page was one of 300 chosen from over 40,000 submitted to the "Moments of Intimacy, Laughter, & Kinship Collection" (M.I.L.K.) which tours the world's main centres and is also available in print.

Please have a look and visit parts of recent Japanese cultural and geographical history.