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Understanding Japanese Verbs & Adjectives
Both a text and an interactive CD for Macintosh computers, designed to help students learn to make early and full use of the inflections of Japanese verbs and adjectives by presenting them in a comprehensive and systematic way. The CD (Mac Only) contains videos, audio tracks and other material which can not be included in the text.

Understanding Japanese Verbs & Adjectives - Text Only

Understanding Japanese Verbs & Adjectives - CD Only (Mac Only)
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Bamboo Chart
A wall-chart showing how the inflections are added to an ICHIDAN (single-stem) verb. Part of the “UJVA” materials.

Godan Tree Chart
A wall-chart showing how the inflections are added to a GODAN (5-branch) verb. Part of the “UJVA” materials.

Making Verbs Work
A wall-chart showing the inflections and meanings of verbs according to the “ICHIDANGODAN” classification and of adjectives. This is part of the “UJVA” set of materials. 51cms x 72cms.

Watch, Read & Write -Video Kana Course
Introduces the beginner to Japanese script and the “50-sound” system including its role in the language and in daily life. It introduces and practises all the kana and shows sentences being written with punctuation. 2 hours 15 mins.

The Passive & the Permissive
These are two forms which English speaking students find daunting. The text is a detailed examination of these forms with more than 220 examples of usage, which are also found on the interactive CD and in the UJVA text. This text is at the advanced end of the UJVA materials.

Techniques for Japanese-English Translation
A redefinition of the task of translating Japanese into English starting by making conscious the process of analysing the Japanese, then using a 5-step technique to convert into English. Recommendations from professional translators available.

Techniques for Japanese-English Translation - Model Answers
This text provides detailed model answers to 7 exercises presented in the main text. The technique has been developed and polished over a decade of teaching it to university students of Japanese. Having the “answers” in a separate book makes the programme also suitable for formal class use.
For institution use a site licence can purchase unbound versions of the Model Answers with the right to photocopy as required for student use.

Bushu ni yoru Kanji Hikikata Koza: Use the System of
Radicals to look up Kanji

The most efficient way to search for an unknown kanji or kanji compound in a kanji dictionary is to do so according to the Radical (bushu) System. The video teaches how this is done. Exercises in finding radicals are included in the text. Revised to be compatible with the latest edition of The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary (Tuttle).