Welcome to JapanEd

JapanEd is dedicated to providing tools to improve learning and understanding the Japanese Language.

We have developed new methods of teaching that can improve your understanding and ability to learn more Japanese in a shorter time. These methods have been developed over many years by Paul Knight who has been teaching Japanese at Massey University since 1969. (Paul Knight retired in 2003.)

Japanese Language Learning materials from JapanEd are designed to be equally useful for people studying alone or to be used by teachers as resource materials. They can be broadly categorized into two groups as shown below:
  1. Those complementing the text or CD "Understanding Japanese Verbs & Adjectives" and which are variously suitable for beginners and up to at least the second year at university.
  2. Those materials associated with "Techniques for Japanese-English Translation" which are suitable for advanced including post graduate students. These texts and the video have been used for both advanced and post graduate university courses for over 10 years.
Samples of these materials are available from the Downloads page.

Please see our Products page for our full list of products and pricing options.